Wonder Mill Grain Mill – Formerly Grain Master Whisper Mill

The Wonder Mill Grain Mill – Formerly Grain Master Whisper Mill

I own the Grain Master Whisper Mill and the Wonder Mill. They are essentially the same unit, but from different companies. The U.S. company that distributed the Whisper Mill went out of business.

The Wonder Mill is a great grain mill. It is fast, quieter than other electric wheat grinders, easy to use, and reliable (at least that is my experience). Although it is touted as the quietest mill, it is still loud. The others I have seen tested have been about 2-4 times louder (in decibles) than this mill.

I like the pull away canister because I can grind the grains and then put the canister away for storage in the cupboard or, to keep the nutrients longer, the refrigerator. It is self cleaning and the canister is easy to clean. I know a lot of happy Wonder Mill customers. One recently came to me and mentioned he had a problem recently with the mill, got it repaired quickly, and was happy with the service he received. He loves the way it works and how fast it works.

The Wonder Mill Grain Mill was formerly known as the Grain Master Whisper Mill. It is an excellent mill and one of the best for the price. It will mill a variety of grains and legumes (see the list below). It is small, lightweight, and east to use. According to the WonderMill company, “You can grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour. Why is that? It has a 1250 watt motor that make this grain mill a wheat grinder that can handle tough jobs.

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The best part is there are no small parts of gaskets to misplace, and it is quick and easy to use and relatively dust free.

The Wonder Mill was designed for home use, so you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of whole grain flour for all your baking needs, without the mess, or noise level of some of it’s competitors. Many of the competitors are as much as 4 times louder than this mill. It is made of the highest quality materials by trained master craftsmen.

This grain mill is UL listed in the US, CSA listed in Canada, and CE certified in Europe and the UK. What other mill can say that? It has past stringent testing to meet these requirements. This is really important if you live in Canada because according to the Wondermill company, “…you assume all the Liability if there is an electrical problem that causes a fire.”

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Some of the things it will grind are:

  • Hard and Soft Wheat
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Triticale
  • Spelt
  • Dried Pinto Beans
  • Dried Green Beans
  • Millet
  • Unpoped Popcorn
  • Rice
  • Split Peas
  • Buckwheat
  • Kamut
  • Sorghum (Milo)
  • Dried Mung Beans
  • and more.

Rating: (out of 20 reviews)

List Price: $ 279.95 as of June 10, 2010

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  1. Kitten Kisser says:

    Review by Kitten Kisser for Wonder Mill Grain and Flour Mill – Formerly the Whisper Mill
    This is such a breeze to use! Quick & easy clean up too! Attach the bowl to the grinder, pick your setting, turn it on, dump in the grain, turn it off, remove the bowl, open the lid, & there’s the flour ready for use!

    The flour does get warm. I don’t know how that affects the nutrients. Considering how fast it grinds I’m thinking it shouldn’t affect them much. Even so, this way must be far superior to the flour you buy in the store. So fresh! Yum!

    There is a little filter on the top to keep flour dust out of the air. It works great. No mess at all while using this! The filter can be removed in a half a second to be cleaned & replaced in another half second. It is amazing how quick & easy this is! If people knew they could have fresh flour this simply, I think a lot more people would be grinding their own grain!

    The grinder is loud. It reminds me of a shop vac. It is quieter while grinding the grain! It’s louder once it’s empty! Makes it really easy to tell when it’s done.

    We bake a lot. This mill is oh so worth every single penny!

  2. Keith Vallely says:

    Review by Keith Vallely for Wonder Mill Grain and Flour Mill – Formerly the Whisper Mill
    I am not the user of this Mill, but my wife is, and she thinks it is fantastic. Although, since this is supposed to be the quietest of the mills in the “electric” mill world, I have to tell you, my vacuum cleaner makes the same amount of noise/decibels. So, if this is the quietest, then I HIGHLY recommend you dont buy a noisy mill.

    This is a great product. I do recommend it.

  3. G. Corderman says:

    Review by G. Corderman for Wonder Mill Grain and Flour Mill – Formerly the Whisper Mill
    Delivery was in 3 days. The mill grinds at incredible speed. A real “wonder”. Decided upon this instead of Kitchen-Aid wheat grinder attachment and we are very happy with that decision. As part of our Crisis Preparedness Plan (& Home Pandemic Plan) we bought a Country Living Grain Mill (hand-mill), which is one of the best hand-mills, but still requires considerable energy to grind flour from hard wheat. This Wonder Mill (as long as there is electricity) is great– and will enable us to store what we eat (bread from grain), and eat what we store. This with the Kitchen Aid mixer is just the ticket for fun and using wheat and other grains.

    If you are looking for pandemic & crisis preparedness books– two from Amazon are a must. First is “Crisis Preparedness Handbook, by Jack Spigarelli; and the second is “Cooking with Home Storage”, by Peggy Layton. Absolute best price for wheat and other grains for storage try search for Honeyville Grain. Price is the same as others–but shipping is only $4.95 for any weight– and a 300-400 pounds of grain really has a shipping bill from others (I made this mistake for prepacked buckets).

    Buy the Wonder Mill for fun cooking or crisis preparedness (assuming electricity). You could run a generator for 10 minutes and make 20-30 cups of flour–probably enough for a week or two of bread products.

  4. Vicky C. Shaw says:

    Review by Vicky C. Shaw for Wonder Mill Grain and Flour Mill – Formerly the Whisper Mill
    I make bread on a weekly basis, and so I use this every week to mill my flour. It makes the flour so fine you would almost think it was unbleached white. The bread from the milled flour has been so good. The only thing is I do wish is that I could get a nice course grind from it so I can make things like polenta with it. Other than that I recommend this mill for anyone that is really serious about milling their own grain.

  5. John Moore says:

    Review by John Moore for Wonder Mill Grain and Flour Mill – Formerly the Whisper Mill
    This is a very capable machine and is a second time purchase. The first one I bought was called a Whisper Mill and has worked flawlessly for several years of regular use. This new machine the Wonder Mill was purchased as a gift and appears identical in function with very minor cosmetic differences.

    The new title is more appropriate as it is anything but quiet. IT IS LOUD. If you follow the very simple directions it will probably last a lifetime. Be sure to keep the filter and cyclone clean on the receiver/container and make sure the lid snaps on tight or you will have a kitchen full of flour. NEVER put grain in the in feed hopper with the unit off! NEVER turn the unit off till all the grain is finished milling, then wait a few seconds after the in feed hopper is empty before shutting it down. This is clearly stated in the instructions.The Wonder Mill does a great job of making rice flour, great for the gluten intolerant. Highly Recommended!

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